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The goal of the All American Singers program is to help remediate the American
cultural landscape by elevating classical choral music to celebrity status with our youth.

Voice training supervised by university faculty will be joined to a choral program lead by accomplished choral directors to develop the mature, professional sound of the youth choirs of William W. Boggs.  A sampling is found on our audio link.  Partnerships with professional sporting leagues (the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and Nascar) will provide the platform for wide-spread public exposure and generate enthusiasm in local communities among our youth for participating in the program.  Our choirs will sing the National Anthem and other patriotic music at regionally and nationally televised athletic events.  The program will bear the name of our corporate sponsors who will enjoy the positive publicity of being associated with a successful and highly visible program for America's youth.
Benefits to Your Corporation

The All American Singers program exposes America's youth to the discipline and other benefits derived from the study of music.  It will be an out-of-school program for teenagers operating in major American cities.  Your support will have a positive impact on society while promoting and enhancing the public image of your organization.

Your corporation's All Americans will promote your corporate name through singing the National Anthem at local as well as regionally and nationally televised athletic events.

These appearances will promote your corporate brand name and present your enterprise as both caring and benevolent.  These high-profile performances will also serve to foster the program's popularity among teenagers.

Promotional Model
The McDonald's All Americans

McDonald's found great promotional success through their All American Basketball program.  The program associated McDonalds with athletic success and displayed their commitment to America's young people.

The All American Singers program will do more than showcase exceptional individuals.  The program will work year-round with thousands of young people to cultivate raw talent, to provide children with significant goals, and to instill character and hope into our youth.  

Your Corporation's
All American Singers

Promoting Corporate Image

Impacting American Culture
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