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The All American Singers is partnering with the corporate community to enhance America's cultural depth.  To bolster the nation's moral and intellectual property, the All American Singers will reform the nation's musical conscience by raising choral music to celebrity status.  Aggressive training will be combined with performance opportunities at premier televised events joining colorful visual imagery and captivating singing.  We enable our corporate partners to re-invest in the communities they serve by developing our nation's youth through the pursuit of musical excellence.  Our corporate alliances enable us to posture well-trained young musicians before local and national audiences to foster widespread enthusiasm for quality musical art forms and the possibilities inherent in our young people.  While impacting our musical culture, we are also developing children's abilities to learn, to work with others, and to be good citizens.


Good corporate citizenship is a core value of organizations seeking to balance strength of products and services with high-profile public relations efforts based on meaningful community programs.  Music enriches the human experience from cradle to grave.  It stimulates private contemplation while inspiring institutions, communities, and nations.  Music is an indispensable component of society's most profound occasions, playing key roles in church services, weddings, funerals, and educational and political mile markers.


Music is more than the artistic crown of important cultural moments.  Research indicates musical education helps to develop the brain in many significant ways enabling the student to more easily comprehend other academic disciplines.

A new body of research suggests music training at an early age can develop the neural connections necessary for understanding complex mathematical and scientific concepts. This research shows an important link between musical training and other cognitive abilities, particularly spatial abilities- the abstract reasoning that is used for understanding relationships between objects such as, for example, when calculating a proportion or playing chess.

Exposure to music from an early age appears to affect the organization of the central nervous system, making it a precious tool for early childhood educators.  Specifically, it seems music encourages the formation of neural connections essential for scientific endeavors.  Although research has shown that even listening to music affects human intelligence, the strongest effects of music are to be found from active participation in music making. Children who receive music training are likely to reap benefits far beyond those found from passive listening. It is clear that cognitive stimulation reaches a high level during music training.

MUSIC IN AMERICA   by  Antonín Dvorák

"When I see how much is done in every other field by public-spirited men in America - how schools, universities, libraries, museums, hospitals, and parks spring up out of the ground and are maintained by generous gifts - I can only marvel that so little has been done for music…For it cannot be emphasized too strongly that art, as such, does not 'pay', to use an American expression - at least, not in the beginning - and that the art that has to pay its own way is apt to become vitiated and cheap…constantly we see great sums of money spent for the material pleasures of the few, which, if devoted to the purposes of art, might give pleasure to thousands…I must give full expression to my firm conviction, and to the hope that just as this nation has already surpassed so many others in marvelous inventions and feats of engineering and commerce, and has made an honorable place for itself in literature in one short century, so it must assert itself in the arts, and especially in the art of music.  Already there are enough public-spirited lovers of music striving for the advancement of this their chosen art to give rise to the hope that the United States of America will soon emulate the older countries in smoothing the thorny path of the artist and musician. …To bring about this result we must trust the ever-youthful enthusiasm and patriotism of this country.  When it is accomplished; and when music has been established as one of the reigning arts of the land, another wreath of fame and glory will be added to the country which earned its name, the 'Land of Freedom,' by unshackling her slaves at the price of her own blood."

~Antonín Dvorák, Music in America, published in Harpers New Monthly Magazine February 1895

" Music has the
        power of producing
a certain effect on the moral
    character of the soul…
if it has the power to do this,
     it is clear that the young must
be directed to music and
           must be educated in it. "

"My focus is on what we are trying to do for kids.  Not performance.  Look at the value of music and ask what it can do for young people…how it organizes their brain, encourages kids to work together, and fosters a gentler society.  Performance values are a by-product of the process."
                  ~William W. Boggs

Bob Linn, Executive Director
P.O. Box 721212, Norman, OK  73070


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