Your All American Singers Will

Inspire a Nation

Helping America’s musical talent to shape up the community

Fostering Widespread Enthusiasm for Quality Musical Art Forms

The All American Singers is partnering with the corporate community to enhance America’s cultural depth.

To bolster the nation’s moral and intellectual property, the All American Singers will reform the nation’s musical conscience by raising choral music to celebrity status. Aggressive training will be combined with performance opportunities at premier televised events joining colorful visual imagery and captivating singing.

We enable our corporate partners to re-invest in the communities they serve by developing our nation’s youth through the pursuit of musical excellence. Our corporate alliances enable us to posture well-trained young musicians before local and national audiences to foster widespread enthusiasm for quality musical art forms and the possibilities inherent in our young people.

While impacting our musical culture, we are also developing children’s abilities to learn, to work with others, and to be good citizens.


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